Shai Franklin  Political, media and organizational strategies and implementation.
These services are not meant to replace your existing staff or current consultants, but to integrate seamlessly with your team, whether for a single event or a long-term project — filling gaps, process-improvement, or delivering a complete program from start to finish.
If you're on TV, and your target audience didn't watch, are you really hitting your benchmarks? This doesn't just mean your existing e-mail list, it extends horizontally to all those who might want to know.

Decision-makers take press and social media optics into account, and so do their customers and constituents. Rather than a onetime promotion, coordinated social media can sustain and deepen a conversation with multiple audiences over the long term. Integrating a conventional media strategy with social media can drive coverage of an event or product line, while raising visibility for the brand, engaging a wider audience, and driving traffic to your website or physical space. 

When you or your product — or your cause — is featured on TV or other media, when you accomplish anything public, that's a valuable asset to push out to interested parties. 

Qualitative-based relationship-building complements automated, high-volume social media optimization (SMO) tools. We will match your messaging to a coordinated communication strategy, including live-tweeting and posting of videos, pushing press releases, drafting and placing op-eds, and maximizing earned media. We can also work with your existing communication team to amplify visibility and placement.

Every media mention and every event has the potential to be integrated with a government relations strategy that leverages every political resource to advance your goal. Trade agreements, peace treaties, appropriations bills, UN resolutions, receptions — all can be influenced and adjusted, and the earlier and the smarter, the better. 

Getting heard by the right people requires publicity, but also reputations premised on credibility and relationships based upon trust. This includes presidents and parliaments, royal courts, ministers, career staff, insiders and outsiders. Getting the right language inserted in the final document, and keeping stakeholders engaged to ensure implementation after the vote, is equally critical.

We have a track record of forging coalitions, whether among dozens of governments, scores of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hundreds of parliamentarians, or thousands of grassroots community members. Real and tangible results are achievable, and your issue will be mobilized with the highest priority and sense of urgency.

Experience dealing with International Organizations includes:

We produce the analysis, present it, and help to apply it to actionable goals within the client's specific environment. Our custom-tailored approach transcends conventional pre-packaged or online research:

  • Timely information uniquely relevant and specific to you
  • Proprietary, real-time input from key experts and influencers
  • Regular commentary, news and analysis based on your needs 
  • Real-time alerts when relevant developments occur
  • Options for immediate response and long-term action

Good grant writing neither begins nor ends with great writing. First is an assessment of what an organization or project needs and what it can offer a funder, followed by — and, ideally, aided by — consultation with the funder. Since many foundations won't even consider unsolicited proposals, networking and establishing a conversation are critical, along with follow-up and shepherding implementation. With successful experience in every stage of this process, we can optimize results and deepen your relationship with the funder.

Supporters and investors reach an organization through many portals. Identifying, cultivating, recruiting, utilizing, informing, coaching and following their better instincts involves more than skill. It takes sensibility, creativity, patience, audacity, and trust. It takes active listening and genuine dialogue. Our work with you will respond to your needs and ambitions, and — within that context — to theirs, as well, whether as a limited assignment or a long-term undertaking.

The more things change, the more you need to plan for the unexpected.

World and local developments can be volatile, and even the fundamental relationship of organizations and stakeholders are rapidly evolving. 

Our strategic plans reclaim and — as needed — help reinterpret your mission statement, define what success would mean at each phase, and then map out specific and coordinated strategies to reach those goals. We identify existing and potential resources, from physical and financial assets to your team's professional potential and accessible audience. We candidly rate the challenges and liabilities, and outline a set of options for different contingencies and opportunities likely to arise. 

A plan is only as good as its implementation, and we offer follow-up and ongoing consultation at every phase.

Tell your story! When you finally get prospective customers to listen, what will you say? Whether an internal memo, a website or a public campaign, a speech or Congressional testimony, crafting an authentic, consistent and compelling narrative is the key to any outreach effort. 

Creating and adapting headlines and text for each platform and audience, formatting, editing and proofreading, coordinating with your web developers and printing house, finding the right photo for the selected text — these tasks are integral to putting across your message, on your terms.

  • Annual Reports
  • Solicitations
  • Updates
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles & Web Content
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Editing Books & Articles
  • Speechwriting
  • Congressional Testimony

The traditional keys to a successful event? Venue, audience, speaker, visibility, audio-visual, catering.

How to make a real and lasting impact: Find the right time, the right location and speaker to put your message front and center, and in a way that fits into a trending issue. Getting opinion leaders to use your stage, to tap into your agenda as the backdrop for reaching their target audience, can effect real and lasting changes in the conversation and elevate your own organization's brand at the same time. Following up with decision-makers and media contacts who participated will deepen those relationships and enable concrete results.

Our services include all aspects of planning and follow-up, materials and day-of management, signage and sign-in, to translation, to technical logistics, to media liaison, to briefing and introducing the speakers, to facilitating discussions, to messaging throughout.

"Human rights" is a universal imperative, with a complex and arcane language of terms and procedures. Framing your specific issue within the right legal and political context can make all the difference. This requires not only hitting the right talking points, but connecting throughout with the relevant players in and out of government, in the media, and on the ground. 

Finding the right venue and instrument is key, be it an annual assembly or regular sessions in New York, Geneva, Washington, Brussels, Strasbourg, or The Hague. Our experience and expertise covers numerous international fora, including the Human Rights Council, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), including the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. 

Combining NGO and International Organization contacts with outreach to parliamentarians, experts and grassroots supporters, we can raise awareness and identify solutions to individual cases and to broader human rights challenges, from immigration and asylum cases to broad policy outcomes.

Let us recalibrate your public image so it consistently matches the look you intend, and rework your image and your actual program and structure so that substance and appearance are in sync: 

  • Generate new missions and revive dormant operations
  • Guide name changes, new logos, and websites
  • Recruit and activate new Board Members
  • Design and institute best practices to government standards
  • Retool and reposition organizations to rebuild and increase direct mail, major gifts, and foundation grants
  • Manage leadership consultations to rethink the very premise and nature of an organization
  • Create processes and seize opportunities to showcase an organization's unique value added

A trip is a terrible thing to waste. 

A dignitary's one-hour visit to a museum can deliver a media bonanza and change an organization, but first it has to be successful. Let us plan and handle every detail of your high-profile travel and visits, from airline tickets, visas and reimbursement, all the way to speakers, site visits, lobby days, and press coverage. Will you visit the Vatican, or will you have an audience? Will your delegation's meetings be overshadowed or canceled because of larger considerations? 

Whether a visit happens on short notice or with months of preparation, we will show you how to maximize the outcome while also fulfilling your primary goals. 

We can provide our own speakers and trainers, or otherwise find the perfect presenter/facilitator to meet your needs:

  • Qualify for college, CLA or cooperative education credits
  • Place, orient and supervise interns
  • Teacher training 
  • Orientation for lobby days
  • Adult education
  • Public events
  • Political briefings